At The Narrative Initiative we believe:

Words matter.

Perception is reality.

Emotion trumps logic.



The Narrative Initiative LLC® (TNI) works to help make important conversations between people in critical relationships more effective and efficient.  We understand personal bias, emotion, and perception color what we say and what we hear. 


At TNI we use the personal stories written by participants to enhance their critical listening and communication skills. Professional TNI narrative facilitators use innovative educational and validated research-proven narrative techniques that help participants gain an awareness of how personal biases and perceptions can stand in the way of moving forward.  Since 2017 TNI’s research has demonstrated writing short personal stories in a safe setting about challenging issues…issues where people hold differing personal perceptions…and then reading narratives word-for-word and reflected upon by an invested group has the ability to:


  • Heighten awareness of individual biases and perceptions

  • Open participants to a new understanding and appreciation of different ways of perceiving the same situation

  • Validate difficult emotions and experiences in the work environment

  • Provide opportunities to practice paying attention to specific words and language that are practical ways to actively show respect for the person telling their story


TNI research consistently shows participants benefit by leaving with an enhanced sense of personal and professional resilience, improved team cohesion, and an ability to immediately apply what they practiced to caring for patients, families, colleagues, and in their personal lives.



I was working one day when a man started talking to me.

He was an old guy…Vietnam vet, really drunk.

He was interesting to talk to and had great stories with plenty of insight on real life.

After talking for 10-15 minutes he had to go

but he said with a tear in his eye

“to not let life pass by and live in the present because you have to take advantage of the gift that is today.”


-written by a community member

at TNI’s 2017 Gathering of Kindness USA


Write. Read. Reflect. 



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