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Lorraine A. Dickey, MD MBA


Lorraine A. Dickey, MD MBA FAAP, is an innovator and activist for a better experience of care within the healthcare system, both for patients and staff. She is a healthcare entrepreneur and a motivational speaker as well as a board-certified Neonatologist, board-certified Pediatric Hospice and Palliative medicine physician, and certified in Pediatric Bioethics.  She also earned an MBA in Health Care Management. 


In 2001 Dr. Dickey was involved in a catastrophic ski accident, including a serious head injury, that forever changed the course of her life. She was told she would never be able to practice as a physician again. After nearly 3 years of physical recovery and rehabilitation she returned to medicine as a neonatologist in 2004. She went on to become the Medical Director and Chief of Neonatology a 45-bed Level IIIC NICU.  It was during this time Dr. Dickey personalized the philosophy of Patient- and Family-Centered Care and integrated its cornerstones in the policy and program development within the Division of Neonatology.  This included developing and integrating a novel narrative program to help her staff address their challenges, and recognize their joys, in taking care of patients and their families...and the necessity of taking care of each other.  In 2013 she made a mid-career transition and entered a Fellowship in Hospice & Palliative Medicine. Almost immediately she was diagnosed with cancer. After taking a year off for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, she returned and finished the fellowship in 2015.


These very personal healthcare experiences led Dr. Dickey to become innovator and to develop narrative programs that actually improve the experience of healthcare from the perspectives of both the healthcare professional and the patient. 


Motivated by the consistently positive scientific results of her research Dr. Dickey founded The Narrative Initiative, LLC ® (TNI) in 2017.  TNI focuses on 1) helping  healthcare professionals decompress and remain resilient, and 2) making communication between patients and providers efficient and effective. TNI helps participants use their stories to focus on experiential language and improve their close listening skills. TNI research/HCAHPS shows our Write-Read-Reflect narrative method positively transforms the experience of healthcare for those who give care and those who must receive it.

TNI founded The Gathering of Kindness USA™ in 2018 as part of our Narrative Kindness Initiative. Our intention is to transform the experience of healthcare through kindness. As part of GOK USA, TNI also produces “Hear Me,” a compelling healthcare play performed by professional actors that addresses the tricky issue of disclosing a medical error that led to the death of a patient. This healthcare play has been performed for over 6,000 healthcare providers and community members in Australia and made its US debut at the 2019 GOK USA.


Dr. Dickey also works as a Locum Tenens physician in Neonatology.  

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”


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