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Vivian C. Foulke, BSN, IBCLC


Vivian C. Foulke, BSN, IBCLC, is the Executive Director of The Narrative Initiative®. As a certified TNI narrative facilitator she works along side Dr. Dickey during narrative sessions and workshops.  She is interested in bringing diverse healthcare professionals together to address cultural challenges in the healthcare workplace.  She expertly represents the perspective of Nursing and balances Dr. Dickey's perspectives as a physician and patient.    


Vivian is also a senior nurse with nearly 30 years of experience at the bedside working with high-risk babies (term and preterm), their parents, and their families as well as healthcare professionals from all disciplines and specialties at The Children’s Hospital at Lehigh Valley Health Network.   


She is a strong advocate for the principles of Person-Centered Care/Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) that guide her daily work with families and colleagues in the NICU.  She returned to school and received her BSN in 2014 to understand the growing scientific evidence in her field of interest, Breastfeeding Medicine. Currently she is the NICU Breastfeeding Consultant for the 40+ Level IV NICU where she works.

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