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The Narrative Initiative (TNI) is committed to empowering communities through a variety of educational events, bringing people together to address the challenges we face and to examine the barriers we have to kindness in specific settings.

If you are looking to host an event in your community, please explore some of our specific offerings below or contact us to tailor an event to your specific needs.


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The Rougher Edges of Kindness
Narrative Addiction and Recovery

The Rougher Edges of Kindness is a community event which brings together both sides of the addiction and recovery relationship to examine challenges to kindness during the journey, focusing on how we can hear each other better. At some point, we ALL have "addictions" we deal with, and we are ALL on a path to "recovery".

Organizations + Communities who benefit from this event:

  • Healthcare/Community Members

  • Leaders/Staff from Recovery Professions

  • Clinical/Non-clinical support staff


1/2 Day Workshop

Keynote Speakers

Tailored to your Event


Media Presentation + Discussion


A film written and directed by Alex Vlahos
A Cowhouse Films Production

Small Group Narrative Session Component

"Narrative Kindness: The Rougher Edges of Kindness"

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Narrative Veterans
Enhancing Resilience through Narrative

Narrative Veterans is a community event which brings together veterans from different backgrounds and experiences to examine the challenges and inspirations in being a veteran in today's society.

In this 2 hour workshop, we explore societal perspectives, physical and mental health challenges and identify ways skills, such as reflective listening, can dramatically improve the lives of veterans and their families.

Organizations + Communities who benefit from this event:

  • Community Organizations

  • Veteran Organizations



2 Hour Workshop

Small Group Narrative Session Component

Participants will be given an opportunity to experience TNI's Read-Write-Reflect narrative method, learning how to utilize their own stories to connect with their community and foster growth.

Gathering of Kindness

Promoting Kindness in Healthcare + Communities

The Gathering of Kindness USA (GOK USA) are community-based events sponsored by TNI that bring together community members/patients and healthcare professionals to discuss the challenges and barriers to kindness in the experience of healthcare and beyond. 

These events are tailored to the specific needs of your group and are typically full day events. There is also an annual Gathering of Kindness USA, sponsored by TNI.

Organizations + Communities who benefit from this event:

  • Community Groups

  • Healthcare/Community Members

  • Clinical/Non-clinical support staff

  • Nurses/Nursing Organizations

  • Healthcare Leadership/HR

  • Physician's Groups

  • Students + Educational Organizations

  • Any community OR organization interested in promoting a kinder working environment



1/2 Day OR Full Day Event

Keynote Speakers

Workshops/Presentations tailored to your group

Media Presentations + Discussions

Small Group Narrative Session Components
Large Group Narrative Workshops


Hosting a GOK Event

A Gathering of Kindness experience is available to any community or healthcare organization interested in addressing challenges to kindness in their organization.

The Narrative Initiative will work with your team to tailor the event to your organization's needs.

Together, we can build a more kind and compassionate world.

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