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Many of us entered one of the health care professions to make a difference, to help people do what they cannot do for themselves, or to provide a service to our fellow man.  It is unfortunate that external pressures have caused many of us to drift away from these original personal callings. At TNI we are passionate about staying committed to the process and experience of health care, and not be committed to technical outcomes of medical interventions we may have little if any control over.  We work closely with those in the health care industry who deliver care...real care...that can be perceived by patients, their families, and health care staff, to be consistent with the principles and philosophies of Patient- and Family-Centered Care.    


The advanced narrative facilitators at TNI use efficient, effective, validated and research-based (published) communication and facilitated narrative techniques to address timely issues in health care.  These include topics such as:  compassion fatigue, burnout, effective patient-physician communication, professionalism, ethics, resiliency, stress management, self-care, team building, team cohesion, patient-centered and family-centered care. We specialized in examining short, unstructured and spontaneously written stories of participants using professionally facilitated narrative exchange techniques.  We promote curiosity and reflection among participants. Participants have told us our work with them validates the difficulty and experiences of their work, improves close listening skills and enhances the value of simply "being present" also known as Therapeutic Presence. We create safe places to explore difficult stories on difficult topics...stories that need to be shared and deserve to be heard. Alternatively we explore uplifting and inspiring stories that get us through the day. These narrative experiences validate and connect people through story by creating a new common history.  These experiences help build better teams because participants are now connected through story, not just by position.  Using only paper and pen, these shared experiences have been shown to leave participants with the belief they can deliver better quality care for their patients and their families.  We invite you to read their stories and view their experiences with TNI at The Blue Frog Blog:


Since 2005 Lorraine Dickey, MD MBA and her colleagues have worked with many interdisciplinary audiences to address staff-identified barriers to the delivery of high-quality health care and to improve the health care environment where staff must work.  In 2011 Dr. Dickey published these facilitated narrative methods developed by the group she co-founded, The Professional Caregivers' Plan for Resiliency  or P-CPR (also known as "Professional-CPR"....CPR for the health care professional).  (J Comm in Healthcare, 2011).     TNI's work is based on these ground-breaking validated facilitated narrative techniques. This specific type of community experience is proven to be highly effective, extremely efficient. low cost and very enjoyable for anyone working in any position in any area of health care. 


After working in health care for 25 years and experiencing several significant health challenges of her own, Dr. Dickey became passionate about changing the culture of how care is perceived by the patient and those who work in health care  Patients and their families deserve better experiences of care in a system they have no choice but to use.  Health care professional deserve to work in environments that allow them to provide the kind of good care they got into their professions to provide.  The Narrative Initiative was inspired to help encourage these cultural changes...one story at a time.  

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