The Gathering of Kindness USA (GOK USA) is a community-based event sponsored by TNI that brings together community members/patients and healthcare professionals to discuss the challenges and barriers to kindness in the experience of healthcare.  


Inspiration for this annual conference was drawn from the experience of the original Gathering of Kindness held in Melbourne, Australia, in 2016, that explored how to improve the experience of healthcare through kindness. GOK USA was highly successful in the Allentown, PA, community in 2018. In 2019, the healthcare play “HEAR ME” made it’s U.S. national debut at the Gathering of Kindness USA where it addressed the tricky issue of medical errors in healthcare. This prompted thoughtful and profound discussions between community members and healthcare professionals on the topic of kindness, safety, and quality of care. 



A Gathering of Kindness experience is available to any community or healthcare organization interested in addressing challenges to kindness in their organization. 


The healthcare play “HEAR ME” is also available to any community or healthcare organization interested in using theater to address the important issues of patient safety, medical error, and effective communication in their organization.