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At TNI we are excited to begin our collaboration with The HUSH  Foundation and the Australian Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care to continue the international  Gathering of Kindness movement.  To do so we are announcing The Narrative Kindness Initiative. TNI now sponsors select narrative workshops and community narrative salons designed to specifically address the barriers to every day kindness through story.


Dr. Catherine Crock is the Founder and Executive Director of the HUSH Music Foundation as well as the AIPFCC.   "To put it simply, the way staff treat each other is directly related to how well they can provide safe care,"  notes Dr. Crock.  Cath collaborated with her long-time friend, Mary Freer, an inspiring social innovator, to develop The Gathering of Kindness.  Kindness has the ability to dramatically decrease the toxicity of the health care work environment and allow clinicians to provide better and safer patient care.  We have previously identified barriers to medical professionalism that we believe are similar to the barriers to being kind on a day-in, day-out basis, namely being hungry, angry, late, tired or scared (H-A-L-T-S).  At TNI we are interested in helping identify such barriers to kindness as well as help participants develop potential efficient and effective solutions.

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