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It's all about the ask...A true story: "Don't touch me!"

A short narrative from a Narrative Workshop participant that nails this concept: Kindness is all about the ask...getting permission to act in a way YOU believe is kind and having it perceived as kind by the RECEIVER of your action. Allowing someone the opportunity to EITHER opt in to receive a kindness OR opt out/decline your intervention can make all the difference in being perceived as kind.

Heres's the story*:

"I was facilitating a discussion group. The conversation became intense and emotional as we were having the staff share appreciations for one another. The co-ordinator was sharing about the support she received from her manager when her grandmother died and started to choke up.

I went over to her and placed my hand on her shoulder to comfort and support her. As I knelt beside he she said to me as she turned to look at me:

'Don't touch me.'

I was startled and mortified. How could I have offended ? Later I realized I had done it for assuage my discomfort."

*The Narrative Initiative has permission to share de-identified stories from author participants in our Narrative Workshops. More stories will be added as time goes by.

Keep calm and be kind.


Lorraine & Vivian

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