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Being nice is easy. Being kind is harder.

"Being nice is easy. Being kind is harder."

"Prescribing Kindness" is being started by us as a way to talk about the challenges to kindness in the experience of healthcare.

Our mission at TNI to improve the experience of healthcare for those who chose to work in healthcare and for those who need to receive care. Our 15 years of hearing the stories of healthcare professionals and our research has taught us that KINDNESS is a key factor in having a good experience during the act of giving and receiving care. And the lack of kindness is a key driver in staff and patient dissatisfaction. And dissatisfaction veers toward distrust.

Much has been written and shared about kindness. We hope to network with and celebrate those whose shoulders we stand on. We will share the stories we've heard over the years and what we've learned.

Join us in the conversation. More to follow...

Keep calm and be kind


Lorraine & Vivian

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