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TNI is a Top 25 Finalist for the 2021 CAPC Tipping Point Challenge Award!

The Narrative Initiative LLC in collaboration with St Lukes University Health Network is a Top 25 finalist in CAPC’s second Tipping Point Challenge, an innovation and quality improvement challenge from the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) and The John A. Hartford Foundation.

The goal of the Challenge is to help health care organizations like ours expand our ability to effectively care for seriously ill patients, strengthen our mission, improve our bottom line, and make significant positive impacts on the community we serve. Over a 10-month period, our organization prepared a compelling application to highlight our work and innovative solutions to improve health care delivery for all people living with a serious illness.

Here is the abstract to our project:

Serial Interdisciplinary Write-Read-Reflect Narrative Experiences

Meaningfully Strengthen Reflective Listening Skills

Enhancing listening and communication skills” is a crucial component of hospice and palliative medicine staff core competencies, in order to successfully provide care that providers, patients, and families perceive as “good care.” St. Lukes University Health Network (SLUHN) asked themselves, “How do we learn and practice robust reflective listening skills that can be immediately put into practice to improve the patient-provider/provider-colleague experience?”

To solve for this, SLUHN conducted an interdisciplinary IRB-approved study employing a series of Write-Read-Reflect narrative experiences to the curriculums for residents/fellows of HPM, Pastoral Care, and Psychiatry programs (through The Narrative Initiative). Using their own short stories on a series of advancing topics, they learned and practiced selecting and reflecting specific words that rapidly open a conversation to determine what is important. They reported planning to make behavioral changes in what to listen for with patients and reported benefits included decompression and enhanced resilience.

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