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Dr. Lorraine Dickey, MD MBA FAAP, is a Subject Expert and Motivational speaker who delivers her interactive programs based upon decades of experience and research in the healthcare field, as well as her own personal experiences as a patient.

Focusing on improving the experience of healthcare from the perspectives of both the patient and the provider, Dr. Dickey invites professionals to examine communication challenges in the workplace and explore the building blocks of kindness in healthcare.

Speaking Engagements customized for your audience

  • Healthcare Industry Events & Conferences

  • Health Fairs & Symposiums

  • Physician Meetings

  • Healthcare Leadership/HR Conferences

  • Patient Conferences

  • Medical Education/Nursing/Students in health-care associated programs

  • Synchronicity Recovery (working with the addiction & recovery community)

  • Veteran's Organizations



Dr. Dickey speaks expertly from both the patient perspective and the provider perspective. She is available to speak on the following topics:


Subject Expert Speaker

Patient- and Family-Centered Care is not about patients and families -

it’s about patients, families, and staff.


Dr. Dickey teaches the fundamentals of patient-centered care from the perspective of the patient and the provider. 

Dr. Dickey presents the challenges and solutions to kindness in healthcare. Why is it so hard to be kind?


Motivational Speaker

From personal experience

Dr. Dickey talks about returning to the profession of medicine after catastrophic injury: Lessons Learned

Returning to doctoring after cancer: Lessons Learned 


  • Mount Sinai Pt Experience 

  • University of Colorado, Longmont Pt Experience, Nursing Leadership

  • LVHN-Pocono Multidisciplinary, Pt Experience

  • Melbourne Rotary 

  • LVHN-Cedar Crest NICU

  • Geisinger Hospital 

  • St. Luke’s University Health Network, Graduate Medical Education

  • Veteran's Initiative with the PA State Legislature

  • Vitruvian Leadership