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Addressing cultural issues and kindness in healthcare settings is particularly useful when employed over a period of time. While a single workshop, session, or series of sessions is beneficial to any organization, having a certified TNI  Narrative Facilitator as part of your in-house team can revolutionize the way healthcare is provided in your facility.

We offer Facilitator Training as a 2-day course, making it easy and economical for healthcare organizations to employ our validated research techniques leading to increased levels of patient care, higher HCAHPS scores and employee retention rates.

We offer both online and in-person training.

 Certification to lead in-person sessions requires in-person training.




Upon completion facilitators will be able to

  • Expertly facilitate small and large groups using TNI's proven Write-Read-Reflect narrative technique to address challenging issues in the healthcare workplace where the personal perspectives of each team member matter.  

  • Expertly model and teach empathic listening skills that healthcare professionals can use immediately 

  • Choose appropriate initial prompts and be able to develop accelerating narrative prompts specific to the needs of the audience 

  • Level the "playing field" of any interdisciplinary healthcare group 

  • Understand and use TNI's "Sweet Spot of Communication"

  • Access TNI's Master Documents, surveys, and reports 



Research shows TNI Certified Narrative Facilitators

  • Enhance the personal and professional resilience of healthcare professionals by providing on-going opportunities for decompression and self-reflection

  • Enhance empathic listening skills of the healthcare professionals known to be essential to the success of every patient-provider interaction

  • Teach effective and efficient communication tools that healthcare professionals can then use immediately with patients, their families, and their colleagues

  • Improve healthcare unit/department team dynamics by providing opportunities to learn who their colleagues are through the sharing of personal stories, not just by position or hierarchy. 


DAY 1 ( 8 hours)

  • Introduction/Background/TNI history

  • Exploration of personal roles and perspectives

  • Developing and accelerating prompts

  • Initial practice facilitating

  • Access to TNI master documents

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Facilitators have told us this training is very meaningful to them

...and helpful in both their professional and personal lives.


Here is feedback from our certified TNI facilitators

who have been working with Graduate Medical Education learners since 2019

-As a therapist I find I have a tendency to put on my therapist hat at times of family conflict or disagreement or even just in conversation.  I have found this has made me more cognizant of that.  And I now am more aware of just trying to “shut up and listen” instead of exploring. So it’s been very helpful in my personal life with being a better listener for my family.


-Being a witness to the collaboration between the learners has been a great experience. The interdisciplinary nature of this project has allowed me to get to know these participants in a different way.  It’s been very educational to listen to these young physicians.


-I work with one of these residents in our program.  Getting the interdisciplinary perspective from other residents in other programs is helpful.  When I sit down for feedback sessions, I can identify a specific area (word) and address that issue in more depth.  It’s helped me become a better mentor.  I have learned to ask about what is going well and what could go better.


-It’s been great to watch the participants become connected.  Very similar to what we witnessed last year in our P3 program.  I remember at the end of that program they exchanged business cards and found their connections meaningful.

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DAY 2 (4- 8 hours)

  • Review knowledge and skills checklist

  • Certification to lead in-person TNI narrative sessions requires a 4 hour in-person training session with trainee leading and co-facilitating the session. 

  • Certification to lead on-line TNI narrative sessions requires a 2 hour virtual session with trainee leading and facilitating the session.



Workshop led by:

Dr. Lorraine Dickey

Lead Facilitator & Trainer, TNI

The Narrative Initiative teaches healthcare professionals how to set up important conversations with patients, their families, and colleagues to make every conversation more successful.

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