Doctor Teaching on Seminar


Research shows Certified TNI Narrative Facilitators*:

Enhance the personal and professional resilience of their professional audiences

Enhance empathic listening skills essential to the success of critical relationships

Teach effective communication tools that can used immediately


Enhance teamwork of professional teams

*Option available to do all training on-line with certification to lead on-line TNI narrative sessions.  Certification to lead in-person sessions requires in-person training. Both options or a combination are available. 


facilitators will be able to:

  • Apply TNI’s proven facilitated narrative techniques to address challenging issues in the healthcare workplace where personal perspectives make a difference

  • Expertly model and teach empathic listening skills that participants can use immediately

  • Facilitate virtual and in-person groups using different narrative approaches

  • Develop accelerating narrative prompts specific to the needs of the audience

  • Level the “playing field” of any group by leveraging story

  • Access TNI’s master documents, surveys, and reports

DAY 1 ( 8 hours)

  • Introduction/Background/TNI history

  • Exploration of personal roles and perspectives

  • Developing and accelerating prompts

  • Initial practice facilitating

  • Access to TNI master documents

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DAY 2 (4 hours)

  • Review knowledge and skills checklist

  • Certification to lead in-person TNI narrative sessions requires a 4 hour in-person training session with trainee leading and co-facilitating the session. 

  • Certification to lead on-line TNI narrative sessions requires a 2 hour virtual session with trainee leading and facilitating the session.



Workshop led by:

Dr. Lorraine Dickey

Lead Facilitator & Trainer, TNI