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TNI research/HCAHPS shows that our Write-Read-Reflect narrative method positively transforms the experience of healthcare for those who give care and those who must receive it.

Narrative Sessions and Workshops focus on making communication between patients and providers more efficient and effective. One of the key aspects of good medical care is keeping the patient first in your mind and if you do this good HCAHPS scores will follow.

TNI research consistently shows participants benefit from our programs through:

  • Diminished feelings of isolation

  • Validation of their feelings and stories

  • Enhanced feelings of team membership

  • Fuller recognition and appreciation of what people in similar situations endure -- greater empathy

  • The alleviation of stress, fatigue, and burnout

  • Decompression from the burdens we all carry

  • Enhanced sense of personal and professional resilience

  • An ability to immediately apply what they practiced to caring for patients, families, colleagues, and in their personal lives.

  • Improved reflective listening skills -- able to reflect words/language to open the experience being related by the speaker 

  • Differentiating between “experiential” language vs. “functional” language

  • Enhanced ability to deliver patient- and family-centered care

  • Supportive, therapeutic and validated commentary -- participants feel they are not alone

  • Relating to team members through their story, not just by their title or position 

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Reading narratives and having them reflected upon by an invested group has the ability to:

  • Catalyze a desire for personal/professional transformation after “hearing” the words one wrote, and reflecting on the words others write

  • Heighten awareness of individual biases and perceptions, and of others’ biases and perceptions, including colleagues and patients

  • Validate difficult emotions and experiences in the work environment, and bring awareness of joyful, uplifting experiences

  • Help people practice paying attention to and reflecting back specific words and language to actively show respect for the person telling their story -- the provider brings the knowledge, the patient brings trust. Gaining trust early is key to effective communication of knowledge.

TNI’s Narrative Survey for Healthcare Professional found:

  • 93% agree TNI narrative experience improves their sense of personal and professional resilience.

  • 90% agree TNI narrative experience improves their ability to listen more closely.

  • 93% agree they can immediately apply what they practiced or witnessed in their TNI narrative experience

TNI research consistently shows that participants benefit through an enhanced sense of personal and professional resilience, improved ability to listen without judgment, and an ability to immediately apply what they learned to care for patients, families, colleagues, and themselves.

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